Classroom training of excellence in prevention, diagnosis and perineal repair

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Updated Training for Midwives Why take the Perineal Suture Update Course?

Because I heard so many times in a puerperal woman this…. "they throw me the points".

Because the "sometimes when you see a tear you don't even know where to start" I also heard it.

Because after cervical cancer, the vagina became for me a universe to explore

Because... when was the last time you updated on perineal suture? Have you just got your place and want to practice more and better? Do you want to learn the technique that causes less pain and heals better the women you serve?

  • midwives
  • obstetricians
  • residents
  • Health personnel and other qualified health professionals with special interest in the world of obstetrics.
  • Provide the participant with the practical skills necessary to perform an updated perineal suture technique.
  • Learn to assess the different degrees of perineal trauma.
  • Discuss the physical and emotional implications of perineal trauma in women.
  • Analyze perineal protection maneuvers.
  • Analyze and assess publications, studies and scientific evidence on the subject.

Course Contents

  • Access to the Perineal Suture Online Course with more than 40 explanatory videos for 1 year.
  • Learning with images, anatomical models of the female pelvis and pelvic musculature.
  • Audiovisual material; tear assessment.
  • Study of practical and real cases relevant to the course.
  • Management of suture instruments and necessary material.
  • Updated practice of “non-lock” continuous intradermal suture.
  • Aberdeen knot practice.
  • Practice square knot.
  • How to perform an episiotomy competently.

What do they say about our work?

"I felt that there was a before and after in my professional life"

At the end of the studies, the topic of tears, episiotomy and sutures was an uncomfortable topic. Little was said, you learned by practicing in front of the woman, Ufff…a cloud full of emotions.

When I attended the suture training for the first time, I felt that there was a before and after in my professional life.

At the end of the training, I returned home, as a different midwife, trained and safe.

A strong feeling of wanting to put everything learned into practice!

Catalina P. Chile

Important note

  • 1 day course; 8 hours of training.
  • Electronic documentation.
  • ECTS accreditation; European credits

Due to environmental considerations, the PDFs of the lecturers’ presentations and other documents related to this event are available online.

Come and update your suture practice! Guaranteed result

Only 20 seats per course!!

  • You will improve your confidence to suture first and second degree tears, lips or repair an episiotomy.
  • You will learn the latest suture and knot technique.
  • You will repeat as many times as you need under the careful supervision of Shahla Bakhtiari.
  • You will learn from the experiences of your peers.
You will learn from the experiences of your peers. International NBirth 2019.

Do you know Shahla Bakhtiari?


I am Shahla Bakhtiari, Pelvic Floor Specialist Midwife at Cambridge University Hospital (UK).

Midwife by vocation with more than 28 years of experience. My area of ​​specialty focuses on perineal care and suturing.

I lead continuing education in pelvic floor repair for the team of midwives, gynecologists and obstetricians.

Of Iranian origin, I have worked in the Middle East in the Ministry of Health, being the person responsible for the organization and opening of 7 maternity hospitals. I directed the family planning project for the United Nations Population Fund in my country.

I currently work as a specialist midwife in the OASIS program

(Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries)