We continue to collaborate on the rights of women in childbirth from different areas.

“We have shown that the work of the midwife has an incalculable impact in women life”

With this project, we have taught how we update midwives internationally to improve the quality of life for women.

That our team is focused on creating a positive impact and innovation in teaching in order to reduce the numbers of maternal mortality and morbidity.

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“Get the most out of midwives, increase their confidence, self-esteem and improve their knowledge due to the great impact of their work on women’s lives”

A team of expert midwifery teachers traveled from England to Puerto Varas to provide updated teaching on physiological childbirth techniques. Before they were in Santiago offering six formations.

In Puerto Varas, the midwife and university professor Catalina Ponzini is in charge of organizing events aimed at midwives and other professionals who care for women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

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“No childbirth excludes the possibility of an unforeseen emergency”, therefore, “midwives must reduce risks as much as possible”

Giving birth at home is still seen by the vast majority of society as irresponsible. The WHO, for its part, says that the risks of giving birth at home in a low-risk pregnancy are as safe as in a hospital.

Helena does not shy away from controversy and answers why she considers that it is not as dangerous as they make it out to be. “England has always been far ahead of Spain and home birth is supported here in low-risk women,” she explains.

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“In Spain, pregnant women also die, but today there are no national statistics on what happens in hospitals, nor is it studied on a case-by-case basis”

The expert, a worker at the Cambridge University Hospital, describes the case of the woman forced to give birth at the HUCA in April as a “world scandal”.

The historical paternalism of medicine continues to be the great focus of debate in everything related to motherhood.

The so-called “obstetric violence”, a term that
designates abusive treatment by health personnel towards the reproductive processes of patients, it has become one more fight of the feminist movement and seeks to empower and professionalize the work of midwives.

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“Helena Eyimi Ltd supported by the UEA Entrepreneurial Fund allows her to carry out midwifery practices to update her clinical practice”

From day one of my midwifery degree, I knew I wanted to start my own business. I felt very privileged to be a student at UEA, completely fell in love with how they teach here and was inspired to share what I was learning to help women around the world.

A leading cause of death for women worldwide, especially in less developed countries, is complications during childbirth. Continuing education of midwives could help save and improve lives.

We are creating something super nice: we provide the best information and techniques, evidence-based practices to midwives in hospitals and universities in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries through talks, events and digital tools.

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