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This is the main mission of our virtual family.

Get ready to develop your potential, put your ideas into practice and create work that fills you with pride

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Why have i created The Community of Midwives?

Dear collegue,

At the end of each face-to-face course we always stay chatting, sharing and eager for more. As if we had a hard time saying goodbye. I try to retain the conversations that we have had during the day full of experiences, advice and learning in our care with women.

The idea of ​​the Community of Midwives came in order to keep in touch, to be able to see each other often and be able to see each other often, so we can continue the bond that began during training. A bond created between people from different countries and continents.

Technology has eliminated that barrier and gives us the chance to see each other and train together. Let’s seize this opportunity. See you next week!

With love,

What do they say about our work?

“It has been a very easy course to follow because the theoretical part alternates with the more technical part. This allows you to practice at your own pace from home on different materials”

Online Perineal Suture Course, 2021

“New tools are acquired when facing obstetric emergencies. It is a course very applicable to daily life”

Extrahospital Obstetric Emergencies Course, 2018

“It provides all the tools from the base of the training, to locate the fetal heartbeat and helps to correctly interpret the recordings. It is essential to be up-to-date”

Fetal Auscultation; Intermittent and Continuous, 2021