From Campillo de la Jara in Toledo Spain to Ebebviyin in the region of Kié-Ntem in Equatorial Guinea, my origins from my mother and father mark my character through the elimination of borders and the challenges they had to overcome.


My love for childbirth began during the birth of my two daughters


During the birth of my eldest daughter Alegría, I saw my image reflected in the mirror of the bathroom. I felt like the protagonist of the film that I could not escape. It was the first time I ever felt frightened and the pain I felt was extremly intense. Having strong contractions, I felt the urge to squat down and immediately the enema I was given just a few minutes before, which was give to me with out my consent, took its explosive effect.  IN THAT MOMENT I WAS SURROUNDED BY SHIT..

I lost my dignity, I was ashamed to leave the bathroom and I was afraid to ask for help.

I looked at myself again in the mirror and it was IN THAT PRECISE MOMENT THAT I DECIDED I would become a midwife. This was November 17, 2003. I can say that it was a feeling deep inside of me. A strong desire to want to accompany women in the births, with respect, kindness and safety, as it should be.

I shared my esperience and co wrote the birth story ‘The tender Lola’ in the book by Isabel Fernández del Castillo: The Birth Revolution, in which I describe the obstetric violence that I suffered form a midwife who neglected me during the birth of my first daughter.

I decide to use my rage and the pain of my post-traumatic stress in the most creative way possible. Through research, study and more research, I changed my profession. My family and friends helped me every step of the way.

At first I trained as a doula with Michel Odent. I organised maternity days at universities, education centers and community spaces. I coordinated different circles of women and taught Kundalini Yoga and relaxation in water for pregnant women. I founded ‘Talavera de la Reina ‘ a group of families birthing together and I presided over the association of ‘El Parto es Nuestro’ during the year we launched ‘the Strategy of Attention to Normal Childbirth’. I published articles related to parenting while I worked with other women who shared their commitment to human rights in birth.

After studying and gaining my degree in nursing, I focused my undergraduate work on postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Training as a midwife at the University of East Anglia and only three months into my studies, I was diagnosed with a CERVICAL CANCER. This was yet another jolt to my life and it turned everything upside down. But just as with the trauma of my first birth, I came through this and used it to develop as a human being, woman and mother.

Currently I am working at Cambridge University Hospital where I developed my passion for caring for families, babies and women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

I founded my international company HELENA EYIMI Ltd and designed a specific training program focused on childbirth whose main mission is PRACTICAL EVIDENCE BASED TEACHING by professionals working in the UK.

What describes me

“To embrace the entrepreneur in you means to fully embrace your capacity to transform yourself, to reinvent yourself and to renew yourself through your creations, from the internal connection with your passion and vocation.”

To understand the heart

by Sophia Style

What others say about me

“Daughter of mine when you will stay at home”

Puri, my mother. 

“Helena is the most cheerful company you can have. She is from afar and from here and every where: mulatto, Castilian, European and a little cañí, and by her many charms men and women we fall full of infatuation, but she helps you up and you begins to dance.”.

Fran, a life long friend.


“Helena you filled my eyes with your color, your presence, your voice soft but firm, full of truths spoken with sweetness”

Mely, midwife participant in the emergency course in outpatient delivery.