An optimistic, courageous, creative woman who trusts discipline and desire as powerful forces to keep moving forward.

I would like to us to to share our wisdom,
midwife to midwife

I invite you to participate in the community of professionals who are taking a step forward, abandoning obsolete techniques and taking their skills to the next level.

Live the experience and update your practice with a hands-on training based on up-to-date evidence that encourages you to use common sense and intuition.

An educational and innovative program for delivery of care which includes:

Obstetric emergency training for hospital and home delivery,

  • Up to date perineal suturing.
  • Breech delivery, when and how to intervene.
  • A course for emergency transport services.
  • Evidence based articles and news Interesting in the blog.



Encountering a good midwife in pregnancy and postnatally can change a womans life.

I know this to be true because it happened to me.